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Start a Float Spa

Distributor for Float Spa Kft. for the USA


The Start of Something New

I am so excited to be with you on your journey to starting your own wellness center. Let’s take a second and think about the impact you are about to have on people’s lives and your community. I couldn’t even fathom how fulfilling it would be when I started Drift Float & Spa in 2017. The relief, the joy, the gratitude, you will experience, is truly life changing. Thank you for considering us as partners in your journey to spreading wellness in the world.

what we offer


Float Spa Pods/Rooms Sales & Installation

Maintenance & Genuine Float Spa Parts

Consulting for Daily Operations and Supply Lists, Staff Hiring, Training, and Manuals, and every aspect of running and operating a high end float spa


Float Spa Cabins

Clean, proven, robust, custom, acrylic not fiberglass, fills and empties between sessions guaranteeing 100% water filtration

Our basic objective was to create a float center with comprehensive water cleaning and treatment system that allows numerous consecutive clients to use the sensory deprivation cabins in an impeccably hygienic and spotless environment.

The Float Spa system provides unparalleled hygiene – thanks to our external water reservoir tank and our complex 4+1 steps water cleaning filtration system. The water cleaning system is the outcome of years of float cabin development with the help of a team of experts. Before and after every client session the float cabins are emptied/drained and the total volume of water is cleaned and filtered twice using four different methods. The water regeneration process consists of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning methods, achieving a perfect result.

The cabin’s antibacterial material and the disinfection performed on the inner surface of the float cabin after each session provide a clean, safe environment for the perfect relaxation experience.

the consulting team

The Float Spa Experts

We are a group of experienced float center gurus, here to aid you in creating your dream. We have a team of people who have developed their skills in the industry with construction guidance, installation of equipment, branding, parts, systems consulting, employee training/manuals and much more.

Kelly Caldwell

Owner-Operator of
Drift Pods & Services

Kelly has owned and operated Drift Float & Spa since 2017. She is well versed in every aspect of opening, running, managing and maintaining a high level float spa. From construction to branding to Float Spa distribution. With almost every problem that can arise, she has a solution. She has consulted for float centers across the country for social media, business, technical maintenance and systems consulting.

Walker Carroll

Installation Specialist
& Maintenance Consultant

Walker has a multitude of experience in electrical, mechanical and plumbing installation and maintenance of the Float Spa systems. He started as an employee at Drift Float & Spa, worked in industrial warehousing, and is a budding entrepreneur.

Jack Brenegan

Installation Specialist
& Operations Consultant

Jack has climbed the ranks to General Manager of Drift Float & Spa. He knows every aspect of running, operating and maintaining a float center as well as the Float Spa pods and rooms. His skills extend to employee training, inventory management, water testing and maintenance, and systems development.

Contrast therapy Private suite

  • This service is for those looking to embrace the benefits of hot and cold therapy in multiple rounds. 
  • Contrast Therapy is a series of short stays in heat and cold, alternating between temperatures. The suite has a heated stone bench that provides comfort during the rest period between rounds. 
  • The session lasts up to 75 minutes. 
  • The Contrast Therapy Suite can accommodate up to 2 Guests, you can book individually or add a friend for only $30.




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