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If you have ever felt like you could know yourself better or that the world is just too noisy to hear yourself think, you are in the right place. Floating is a healing therapy that allows you to get away from the outside world and give yourself some much needed focus and attention. Floatation helps reduce chronic pain, recover from exercise and injury, reduce insomnia, awaken creativity, boost meditation experiences, relieve anxiety and PTSD symptoms, and refresh your energy. As Greenville’s first and only float and health spa, Drift, will provide you a calm and safe place to solve problems, relax, and recharge. 

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I (Kelly Caldwell) started floating back in 2012 while living in Atlanta. Even after just one float I knew this was something really special. After three floats, I was down right hooked! As a modality of personal development, I was blown away by the peace and calm I attained after just 3 sessions over a two month time period. As a healing tool, my PTSD symptoms had a dramatic decrease and my quality of life shot way up. Something had become very clear to me: floating was one of the most powerful, yet unknown tools for healing, creativity, and physical recovery. With float centers popping up all over the country, I knew it was time to bring it all home to Greenville and give back to my community.

In April 2016, I completed an apprenticeship with Float Tank Solutions in Portland, Oregon and was on my way to creating a float center of my own. My mom, Robin Carroll, started to really take notice and decided to try floating. After her first float, she could see the potential and knew how to make her experience even more relaxing the next go round. After her second float, she said it was 100% better. And after the third float, she was ready to dive into the business world with me make it all happen. With the right partnership, and a lot of research, Drift Float & Spa was born.

Contrast therapy Private suite

  • This service is for those looking to embrace the benefits of hot and cold therapy in multiple rounds. 
  • Contrast Therapy is a series of short stays in heat and cold, alternating between temperatures. The suite has a heated stone bench that provides comfort during the rest period between rounds. 
  • The session lasts up to 75 minutes. 
  • The Contrast Therapy Suite can accommodate up to 2 Guests, you can book individually or add a friend for only $30.




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