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Yoga and Class Experiences

Awaken your body, mind, and spirit with yoga styles directed for occupational, functional, and somatic well being. Practice in an environment where all levels are encouraged and supported on their journey to achieving their personal goals.  We’ll help you address wellness from all perspectives, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If you have been recommended by a professional or coach to begin a yoga practice for functionality, mobility, stress management, or rehabilitation, this is the yoga for you. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.



Kundalini Yoga involves chanting and singing. Challenging breathing exercises are coupled with asanas and meditation.  Its purpose is to activate your Kundalini energy or Shakti. Awakening this energy should enhance awareness, relax your muscles, increase energy levels, and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

-Focus is on flexibility, balance and lengthening.
-Great for Athletic Recovery
-Hatha yoga.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

-Increase oxygen flow to the brain, enhancing mental clarity and focus.
-Breath-initiated class designed to bring harmony into the body and cleanse the nervous system.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

-Slow pace.
-Focus is on recovery and stress relief.
-Restorative Yin yoga.

-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

-Experience harmonious, healing instruments all around you, balancing your brain and body.

-Decrease anxiety, enhance memory, relax the mind and nervous system.

-All you need to do is to lay comfortably on your mat and enjoy the frequencies.

Practice mindfulness techniques and meditation to learn to ride the waves of the grief process.

-Restorative Yoga
-Perfect for gym rats who need to recover.
-Enhance awareness, relax your muscles, increase energy levels, and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

-Focus is on developing a healthy body image, strong bonds, improving communications, and emotional regulation.
-Parents must participate. Up to two children per parent. All children under 14’s admission is free of charge.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

– Yoga Nidra Styled
-Focus is on meditation to reach a deeper state of conscious relaxation and developing a deeper sense of awareness.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

-Focus is on releasing stress and connecting deeper with yourself.

-Kriya yoga.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

-Focus is on the principals and building blocks of poses, breathing techniques and meditation.
-This class will help release stress and give you the tools to manage stress throughout your daily life.
-Introduction to yoga.
-All levels welcome.
-Individual guidance in a group setting.

Learn new ways of coping with stress and addressing your personal energy needs.
-Includes techniques from tapping, reiki, breathwork and other powerful modalities.



  • Engage the body, mind & spirit
  • Release stress & tension
  • Increase energy & alertness
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve strength & balance
  • Lower heart rate & blood pressure

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What To Expect

You’ll be greeted in our lobby, complete any necessary paperwork, and be introduced to your yoga instructor. You’ll have time to discuss your goals, needs, and desires for your body, mind, and spirit. Then, inhale, exhale, and relax as you begin your yoga journey.


Private Yoga

Private yoga is suitable for both beginners, who may feel apprehensive about joining a larger class and experienced individuals seeking to enhance their practice. Each private yoga session accommodates a maximum of three participants, allowing you to either share the cost with others or enjoy the session exclusively for yourself.

What to Forget

Self Criticism

Yoga encourages a non-judgmental self-observation. We call it radical acceptance. Let go of comparison as you grow personally and make deep inward connections that evoke feelings of joy.


Yoga is an opportunity for self-care, peace, and restoration. We’ll help you breathe through the stress of your day so you can leave your worries behind.

What to Bring

  • Yourself
  • A healing mindset
  • Comfy clothes for optimal movement
  • Standard yoga mats and blocks will be provided, and personal mats are welcome and available for purchase

Kit Heelan

Certified E-RYT
500 Hour Yoga Instructor
Intermediate Senior 3

Kit is a twi-skilled therapist in massage, yoga, and acupressure. Developing over three decades of bodywork, she has built a unique and well-rounded skillset for your body’s healing process. Her study in yoga combined theory with hundreds of hours of practice. She emphasizes detail, precision, and alignment in yoga postures. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, Kit will help you dive deeper into correct postures and poses that fit your body instead of fitting your body into a pose incorrectly. She’ll teach your body to do asanas correctly and minimize the risk of injury by correctly strengthening it.

Susan Reid

Kundalini Research Institute Certified
RYT- 200 Certified Yoga Alliance
KRI - Level 2 Stress and Vitality Module Completed

Susan was called to Kundalini yoga in 2009 after practicing other forms of yoga for 10 years. After her first kundalini yoga class in 2009, she felt a powerful shift in her life almost immediately following and knew that she needed to keep practicing.

She began serious practice in 2012, and was humbled and honored to become a certified teacher in 2021 after completing training under Dr Japa Kaur Khalsa, Puranpreet Kaur and Dr Shanti Shanti’s training in New Mexico. 

Kundalini Yoga uses thousands of kriyas, mantras and breathwork to elevate one’s energy and vitality to meet the true self and live in a higher vibration that really works! All it takes is some “keep up and a little discipline”. The teachings that were brought to the West from India in the late 1960s are potent and life-changing when applied through consistent practice.

“Kundalini energy is experienced when the energy of the glandular system combines with that of the nervous system to create such a sensitivity that the brain as a whole receives signals and integrates them. The autonomic and voluntary nervous systems come under conscious control, allowing a person to become completely aware of oneself and their environment. The kundalini energy is the creative potential of everyone; in its experience lies the realization of that potential” “– Yoga for Health and Healing Manual 

Laura Mason

200 Hour
300 hr Original Hot Yoga Association

Laura started practicing yoga because it was suggested to her to deal with the demands and stress of being a fully booked hairstylist. She fell in love the practice as it started to open her up to a different awareness of mind/body connection. Over the course of her yogic journey she has been able to navigate the demands of life with one remaining constant; yoga.

She enjoys the yogic philosophies and traditions and believes the practice reconnects oneself back to self. Dedicating time to the yoga mat with a community around is inspiring to her.

She received her 200hr training in Atlanta,2016 and a 300hr training through Original Hot Yoga Association specifically in the 26+2 series in Bali, 2023. She enjoys the discipline and balance of effort and relaxation through an asana practice.

She hopes the students can tune in to the magic within oneself through the art of healing the bodies and mind through breath, movement, and stillness.

Amy sheppard

200 Hour Teacher Training through Greenville Yoga's Yoga Alliance Approved Program

Amy began her study of the the human body in 2008 when she enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at Greenville Technical College.  She was interested in helping  people alleviate pain and achieve balance and within the body.  She had suffered from chronic discomfort and imbalance most of her life due to scoliosis.  Despite these physical challenges, she strove to be as active and strong as possible.  She found empowerment in her chosen hobbies including mountain biking, rock climbing and paddling.  She specializes in helping clients manage long-standing imbalances from injury while continuing the activities they love most. She blends myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point release, and reiki; all woven together with gentle swedish techniques.
   Amy began her yoga journey when she experienced a debilitating injury that left her nervous system shell shocked, and her body in constant pain. Unable to participate in the activities that she had once found solace and joy in, she became a shell of who she had once known.  Once a year had gone by with no improvement to her mental and physical state, it became apparent that more than time was needed for her to begin to heal -body and mind.

In 2013, Amy wandered into her first effective yoga class.  She had tried yoga a handful of times in the past, but had felt lost within the instruction and disconnected from herself. This class was different. She knew she was on the path to recovery and growth.  She went faithfully to class daily as she noticed her chronic pain and PTSD symptoms reducing.
 Knowing what she had now realized, she knew she had to share this with the world and enrolled in Greenville Yoga’s 13 month Teacher Training program.
  Studying under Brian Delaney, she gained a solid foundation of breath work and alignment, improving the body’s structural integrity and gaining tools for regulating the nervous system.  Eventually, she began to notice certain parts of the body remaining rigid and unattended to and she realized she was at a point in her practice where she needed to explore further.  She began to attend Ashtonga yoga under Emma Jane Chandler.  Chronic imbalance began to shift into balance under Emma’s guidance.
  Amy teaches from an understanding that progression sometimes means managing limited mobility due to injury, reducing pain, improving sleep patterns and nervous system regulation- not necessarily achieving a new shape (asana).
   She appreciates the thoroughness of the  ashtonga practice within the context of finding the version of the shapes that are accessible in your body when practicing alongside of physically strenuous activities, and while rehabilitating injury.
  Her personal practice includes Mindful Flow, Yin, Ashtonga, Restorative, and Acro.

Adrienne Carci

Yoga is the art of observing and experiencing connections between our mind, body, and conscious awareness, or soul. You are a living human being—breathing, awake, and conscious. The practice of yoga does not require anything beyond what you were born with. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!
Kit Heelan
Your Yoga Instructor

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Inner Peace Full day Packages

This is everything Drift has to offer, in one day! Call to book. Bring food with you or patronize nearby restaurants like Ji Roz and the Bohemian.  You’ll leave feeling like jello. We highly recommend scheduling in advance and not having much to do when you head home.

  • Private Yoga (60 minutes)
  • Massage (60 minutes)
  • Float (60 minutes)
  • Lucia Light (30 minutes)
  • Oxygen Bar (15 minutes)
  • Infrared Sauna (45 minutes)
  • Cold Plunge (1-5 minutes)


Inner Peace



Inner Peace

All-Inclusive For 2

Combine single services with coupon code ‘package’ to create your own!

Call me an uber half day Packages

Call to book. Bring food with you or patronize nearby restaurants like Ji Roz and the Bohemian.  You’ll be so relaxed, you’ll wish you didn’t have to drive. We highly recommend scheduling in advance and not having much to do when you head home.

  • Infrared Sauna (45 minutes)
  • Massage (60 minutes)
  • Float (60 minutes)
  • Lucia Light (30 minutes)
  • Oxygen Bar (15 minutes)


call me an uber



call me an uber


Combine single services with coupon code ‘package’ to create your own!

Fire & Ice Packages & Memberships

Combine our infrared sauna with a cold plunge after for the ultimate in recovery. Use contrast therapy to regulate your nervous system, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and increase blood circulation.

  • Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy 
  • Shower to rinse off the sweat
  • Cold Plunge
  • Need more? Tack on a float with it for just $69 and/or a massage for $124.


Fire & ICE



Fire & Ice

Package For 2

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