Sam Brockinton – Drift Community Champion

Our staff voted and we are now presenting the November #DriftCommunityChampion …. Sam Brockinton! We will be keeping anyone who did not win but was nominated as part of our continuing nomination pool! If you want to make a nomination for December, click here to make a nomination: https://forms.gle/TkatQmVeVMaR66GF8!

Sam’s wife, Ashley, said:

“Sam is a neuro-trauma ICU nurse at Greenville Memorial. Every day at work he is vomited on, cleans up people’s poop, intervenes to save their lives, has to tell families that their loved one is brain dead and needs to be taken off life support… He sees de-gloved people whose skin has all been ripped off after a motorcycle accident, people that survived a suicide attempt, and teenagers that have been paralyzed after accidents. He often has to care for people that kick him and abuse him because they are out of their mind. He deals with all of this trauma at work and then comes home to take care of his 5 kids, two of which he adopted and one of which has very hefty special needs that effect their health and behavior. He lives a pretty thankless life as a humble and gentle servant to the public and his family. He often jokes that a dream weekend would be getting to sleep for a few days in a row to make up for so many years of lost sleep and stress. I feel like a trip to drift would be a dream for him and so restorative.”

Sam is a hero to his family and our community. So many of our medical workers put their lives on the line every day with no thank you’s to follow. So from us to Sam, and all the other medical workers on the front lines, thank you Sam for all that you do. To nominate someone amazing for next month’s Community Champion, follow this link https://forms.gle/6hZjqTLaWc4VfEEx7!