Kristin Wilson – Drift Community Champion August 

We were blown away by all the incredible nominations. Our staff voted and we are now presenting the August #DriftCommunityChampion …. Kristin Wilson! We will be keeping anyone who did not win but was nominated as part of our continuing nomination pool! If you want to make a nomination for September, go here to make a nomination: https://forms.gle/TkatQmVeVMaR66GF8!

Kristin is one of the best humans on this planet. She is an empathetic soul who loves and accepts every one she meets. She is a nurse who works full time, all while raising her youngest son and providing care for her two older bonus-children, and about five other young adults that she has taken in as her own when they were young and in desperate need of a mother figure. She is also a wife and a student. She’s the hardest worker I know. Kristin’s schedule was insane before covid became an issue. Now, longer hours, more stressful work situations, & every day life routines leave her even more exhausted, but she keeps her head up and pushes through like a champion. Even though Kristin’s life has always been hectic, she’s always made time to help others. She helped me raise funds to obtain a seizure alert dog for my son. She helped raise funds for another special needs family to go to a convention in Arizona so that they could meet other children with a rare condition their daughter was born with. She helped raise funds for a family whose son had terminal cancer to get a special bed that would be more comfortable for him while his tumors continued to grow. She helped obtain housing during the winter months for two local homeless women. She still drives around the city looking for them to make sure they are fed and have shelter. Before covid, she often volunteered at local soup kitchens. These are only a few examples of Kristin’s Amazing Heart. Most recently, Kristin single-handedly organized a memorial service for one of our friends from high school who passed away suddenly. No one in the departed friend’s family was able to give her any type of memorial. Kristin could not let that happen to someone she cares about. Again, she was able to find funds to not only have our friend’s end of life celebration be absolutely beautiful, she also made sure that there was a proper cremation. Going out of her way to give someone dignity at the end of their life speaks volumes about Kristin’s heart. She is truly a God send to everyone she has crossed paths with. Kristin has been through so much in her lifetime that would make many of us bitter. Her father was killed by a drunk driver when she was a young girl, she’s survived an abusive relationship, she’s lost multiple children, she’s dealt with things that could have easily turned her into an angry person. Instead, she’s taken everything that life has given her and used it to motivate her to be one of the most generous and kind people I have ever known. Please consider my sweet friend as someone who not only needs a day to pamper herself, but also deserves an opportunity to do something for herself! Sincerely, Christian Morgan

As you can see, Kristin is a hero to her family and her community. Thank you Kristin for all that you do. Each Drift Community Champion is given the opportunity to choose a cause or message for us to promote on their behalf. Kristin chose to promote New Horizon Family Health Services. New Horizon Family Health Services (NHFHS) is a Community Health Center whose mission is to provide quality, affordable, compassionate patient-centered health care to improve the health of the communities it serves. With locations in Greenville, Greer and Travelers Rest, NHFHS offers quality health care for anyone in need of a family doctor. More than 28,000 individuals rely on NHFHS each year for primary medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy services regardless of their insurance status. Visit http://www.newhorizonfhs.org to learn more.

To nominate someone amazing for next month’s Community Champion, follow this link https://forms.gle/6hZjqTLaWc4VfEEx7!