Brandy Hodges – Drift Community Champion September 

Our staff voted and we are now presenting the September #DriftCommunityChampion …. Brandy Hodges! We will be keeping anyone who did not win but was nominated as part of our continuing nomination pool! If you want to make a nomination for October, click here to make a nomination: https://forms.gle/TkatQmVeVMaR66GF8!

Brandy was chosen from a pool of incredible nominees. Her husband nominated her and here is what he said:

“I nominate my wife Brandy. She is an EMT for Greenville County full-time and Pickens County part-time. She has been working 12 and 24hr shifts 6-7 days a week for months now. She loves her job and is always willing to cover if someone is out with Covid exposure or sick kids etc.. she says she was called to help people. She still manages to be an amazing wife and mother. It seems she never takes a brake. She is not only a blessing to our family, but to many people in need. She has worked through migraines, hurt knees and back. She is a hero to us and I’ve been wanting to get her a spa day. She definitely needs a day for herself.”

Congratulations, Brandy! Our first responders often do not get the credit they deserve and we are so happy to be able to honor Brandy. As with every Drift Community Champion, we honor a cause or message on their behalf. Brandy had some amazing words for our community…

“Try to stop and think about the fact that you will never know what someone else feels or experiences.  Try to be kind and compassionate to everyone that you encounter.  It not only brightens their day but will help yours as well. You could be that one person or that one kind word that saves someone’s life and gives them something to look forward to.”

As you can see, Brandy is a hero to her family and her community. Thank you Brandy for all that you do. First responders, veterans, and active military always receive 10% off everything at Drift, so if you know a first responder in need, please let them know. And better yet, to nominate someone amazing for next month’s Community Champion, follow this link https://forms.gle/6hZjqTLaWc4VfEEx7!