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Hudson Benzing
Hudson Benzing
19:43 09 May 21
Quite an experience! I would highly recommend checking every surface of your skin for potential scrapes or cuts, even if you don't think you have any as it is not a pleasant experience finding out in the pod.Overall I really enjoyed everything. The video and instructions prior to my coming allowed me to ease right into the experience. I thought the water was a perfect temperature and really lost track of where it began/ended at times. The water and lights were fun to get relaxed and ready.My only gripe is the size of the pods. I kept bumping into the top or bottom and I'm not a very large person so I would be hesitant to try this if you are really tall. Maybe there is an optimal way to float where you don't keep bumping into the edges but I didn't quite get there. Plus I could still hear some outside noises even with the earplugs (unless auditory hallucinations!?).It was extremely relaxing though. I was almost drifting off to sleep but didn't want to waste the experience snoozing. I will definitely give it another shot now that I know what to expect and I suggest anyone who finds it interesting to try it out as well.
Gracie Earle
Gracie Earle
20:13 29 Apr 21
Love love love!

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