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Relax Let Go

A Unique Spa Experience to Help You Find Peace Amidst the Noise

We often live life
stressed & overwhelmed.

Our tranquil environment carries—

No expectations.

No deadlines.

No responsibilities.

Restorative Care


What Our Clients Love

Enjoy a

Unique Stillness

Unlike Anywhere Else

Relax and let go through our restorative care services.

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Find Peace

a deeper level of self care


your physical, mental, &
emotional well-being.

Life is constantly bombarding us with physical, mental, and emotional challenges that create stress. At Drift Float and Spa, we help our clients relax and let go through our Floating, Lucia Light, and other restorative care services that create a unique silence. Experience a deeper level of self care that brings lasting improvements to quality of life.

GIFT Self-Love

Share self-love to the people you love this Valentine’s Day. Gift Cards are available online and in store.