Inhale, Exhale

Oxygen Bar

First, choose your aroma. Then you will have a seat in one of our comfy recliners, put on your fresh delivery hose, and simply lay back and breathe. You will start to fill up with energy and focus, getting you ready to conquer your finals or next big meeting. Our oxygen bar is first come first serve or by appointment over call or text. 


Increase in energy

Aid in restful sleep

Relief of headaches

Lessens hangovers and altitude problems

Relief of nausea

Aid in digestion

Quicker muscle recovery

Increase in focus and clarity

Detoxification of liver and circulatory system

Boosting the immune system 

Overall feeling of wellness


Let's make it flavorful!



Lavender, Balsam Fir Needles

calming, soothing, warming


Rosemary and Mint

cooling, refreshing, invigorating

Citrus Zing

Orange and Peppermint

invigorating, cheering, uplifting




refreshing, harmonizing, elevating

Our aromas are all water based, non-toxic, all natural solutions. These include water-soluble pure organic herbal extracts and concentrated blends for use with oxygen bars. No synthetic oils or synthetic preservatives are ever used.