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Stress Reduction and Cortisol Testing

Dr. Rebecca Heiss

Dr. Rebecca Heiss has her PhD in Stress Physiology and an MS in Evolutionary Psychology with a concentration in Human Behavior and Development. Yes. She is a nerd. Dr. Heiss is also a highly sought after international speaker and consultant and is crazy about her dog, Bird. Her life motto is “Spread Happy.” We are honored to have her as a member of the Drift Team. Based on your personal profile, she will help you to find the areas that are causing the most stress and create a strategy to combat it. It’s time to schedule your consultation. 


Float Away the Cortisol

3 Month Program for Lowering Your Stress with Floating and Active Feedback

From stressed to zen master in just three months. With this incredible program you will get our best deal on floating, consultation with Dr. Rebecca Heiss, and cortisol testing to give you accurate and measurable results. Float once a week for 90 minutes, have a full stress consult with Rebecca to find areas that need the most work, and test weekly to see the effects. You’ll become Olivia Pope meets Buddha in the way you handle everything that comes your way. The time is now. 

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Stress Assessment & Consultation

Access to an online self-report stress assessment to measure the 4 major areas of stress and your overall resilience. Results will be discussed in a 1:1 online, or in-person, private consultation to define specific areas contributing to stress in your life and outline strategies to overcome it.
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Instinctive Cognition

Our 21-day, 10 min/day, online program to teach you how to calm and focus your conscious mind. Instinctive Cognition is designed to help you reduce the stress response and optimize your performance. The program comes with two (2) baseline cortisol test kits to test your before and after stress levels, and an analog journal to help keep you on track.

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Stress Consultation & Assessment + Diurnal Stress Testing Package

Our most popular product. A full stress consult and assessment combined with diurnal cortisol testing allows for the deepest understanding of root causes of stress, a personal cortisol profile, and an individualized approach to overcoming specific stressors that are driving unhealthy cortisol levels. 

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Test Cortisol at Drift

Trackable Results for Lowering Your Stress

Baseline Cortisol Test

One Sample, Tons of Information

A single point measure of cortisol first thing when you wake. This is the most stable and potentially the most informative measure of cortisol to monitor your expression of the stress hormone. Buy just a single kit, or sign up for regularly scheduled shipments (recommended) to biohack your way to better! Kits available at Drift.

Before and After

How effective is your stress reducing activity?

Become your own scientist and see how a float or massage affects your stress! This kit is specifically designed to measure how planned activities affect your cortisol levels. Now you can know how effective your stress reducing activities really are. Kits available at Drift.

Diurnal Panel

4 Tests in One Day, Complete Understanding of Your Stress

A full day spectrum (4 tests) of fluctuating cortisol levels provides the most effective way to measure and monitor stress in your daily life. Save money and biohack your way to better by monitoring your diurnal stress pattern monthly or on a bi-monthly basis, with our popular monthly scheduled shipment packages. Kits available at Drift.

Understanding Cortisol

Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone, and is released when you perceive a threat. The resulting “fight or flight” response is useful when trying to overcome a real physical challenge, but frequently our cortisol response is elicited in inappropriate circumstances. Because our brain is lousy at interpreting the difference between real and perceived threats, (a bear attack vs. another email notification from your boss) many of us are living in a state of chronic stress which wrecks havoc on our bodies and minds.

How Cortisol Effects You

Weight gain/Increased appetite/cravings for fats/sugars
Depressed Immune system
Decreased serotonin/dopamine (happy hormones)
Intensified ageing process
Decreased brain cells & ability to learn
Lowered testosterone/sex drive

What Happens When You Lower Cortisol

Slows ageing
Increases ability to lose weight
Allows better decision making
Reduces anxiety/depression
Allows you to become your best biological self!

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