Swedish Massage

A customizable relaxation massage designed for pure bliss.

Deep Tissue Massage

Chronic pains fade away after slow and elongated deep tissue strokes penetrate layers of muscle.

Sports Massage

Relax and recover with an integrated massage combining deep tissue and stretching techniques that will contribute to your peak performance.

Prenatal Massage

Stress free “mothers-to-be” massages are ideal for a healthy new addition. Prenatal massage also helps alleviate swelling, insomnia, and helps prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage

Tangled muscle fibers (knots) melt away with ease under the soothing, heated effect of the stones. Hot stones promote immediate relief within the deepest layers of discomfort.

Full Body Stretch

This offers relaxation to your mind and your body through assisted stretching. Consistent assisted stretching improves flexibility, which improves mobility, and ultimately, better performance.

Patrick Arnold

As an experienced massage therapist, I have adapted multiple modalities and techniques into one seamless massage experience. Your session will be completely customized to meet your individual needs once we have covered a thorough intake analysis. My technique is truly unique and one of a kind. Allow me to share this wonderful gift of healing with you and schedule your appointment today! 

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